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Welcome to
Tau Phi Tau Fraternity, Inc.

"T" it up for more in 2024!  

A new year of opportunity for brothers in the bond of OMA GAGA to connect!

Gearing up for the next Generation

In 2024, Tau Phi Tau will celebrate its 56th year.   The journey continues.   Time to "T" it up brothers!

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About Tau Phi Tau Fraternity, Inc.

Since 2000, Tau Phi Tau Fraternity, Inc. has welcomed strong-willed and intelligent members into our Fraternity. Founded by a group of young and courageous individuals who took a leap of faith to form this fraternity, our hope is to keep their legacy alive for generations to come.We encourage intellectual growth and success by offering alumni networking opportunities and a variety of events throughout the year, which encourage bonding between members and help create a foundation of lasting friendships.

More in 2024

We will continue our support to education, scholarship, brotherhood, and engagement in 2024.   

Tau Phi Tau Fraternity 
Grand Chapter Board

The following brothers representing the founding chapters of the fraternity are currently serving as the Grand Chapter Board of Directors


Grand Chapter Board Officers

Phillip Gatling, President

Willie A. Harrison, Vice President

Effenus Henderson, Secretary

F. David Kearns, Treasurer

Tim Marriott, Dean of Pledgees

Dan Lawson, Chaplain

Howard L. Henderson - Director of Education and Communications

Board Members

Grand Chapter Board Members:

Juan Vaughan - Northeast Region
Norman Epps - Durham Region
Jeff Rutledge -  North Region
Kenneth Keith - Wilmington Region 
James Keith - Wilmington Region
Chris Brewington - Virginia Region
Lloyd Cloud - Virginia Region
Dave Murrell - New Bern Region
Anthony Perry - Middle Eastern Region
Chester Smith - Fayetteville Region
Byron Tyson - Greenville District


Tau Phi Tau Fraternity Scholarship Program

The Grand Chapter of Tau Phi Tau Fraternity, Inc.

announces its 2024 Scholarship Winners


Listed below are the four winners from our 2024 Scholarship program. They Include:

  • Tiara Valentine - $500 recipient

  • Ne'Keiseya Ward - $500 recipient 

  • Landon B. Mason II - $500 recipient  

  • Kaelin O. Cadlett - $500 recipient  


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