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Members of the Founding Chapters

Alpha Chapter

North Carolina Central University

alpha chapter.png
Brothers of Beta Chapter A&T .jpg

Beta Chapter


Gamma Chapter

Fayetteville State

Gamma Chapter Tau Phi Tau.jpg

Grand Chapter

Founding Members

Black and White Portrait

Delta Chapter

Winston Salem University

We would like to get any information about the Delta Chapter founding members.   Feel free so share information.

Epsilon Chapter

Shaw University

Daniel C. Cephas, Alfred Hicks, George Jackson, Jerry Rowe and Charles Sorey

Man with Black Frame Glasses
Eagle Flying

A Letter From the Founding President

The Alpha Chapter was founded at NCCU home of the mighty Eagles!!

It is truly a privilege to be the founding president of Tau Phi Tau Fraternity.  We started the fraternity in 1968 at North Carolina Central University.  Some of the founding members are highlighted in the picture below. During that era, our fraternity expanded to NC A&T University and Fayetteville State.   I am pleased that a small group of some of the original members has decided to re-establish the fraternity for future decades.  I invite you to join us.   In these turbulent times, all voices are needed.  Black lives do matter today as they did in 1968.

Effenus Henderson, Founding President

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